As a sub-contractor of Aurion Anlagentechnik GmbH, BEAPLAS developed parts for a specialized amplifier. The amplifier is used for beam-manipulation in the new FAIR SIS100 synchrotron.
The nominal voltage amplitues of this system are between 1 kV and 40 kV, with a frequency between 310 kHz and 560 kHz. The maximum rise time is 30 µs.

As a first step of this procject, BEAPLAS has carried out the system simulation. Afterwards, the electrical design of the power stage, an associated driver and measurement circuits took place at BEAPLAS. The greates challenge was the selection of suitable component and materials, as well as the abandonment of semiconductors. During operation, the amplifier is exposed to high levels of radiation that certain materials cannot withstand.

For the finalization of the overall system, BEAPLAS has developed an amplitude controller (PID). The controller is capable of precise and fast amplitude regulation via serveral hundred meters of coaxial-cabling.

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