As a sub-contractor of Aurion Anlagentechnik GmbH, BEAPLAS has simualted a complex system. The goal of this simulation was the extraction of technical parameters and it’s optimization regarding bandwith and amplification.
Based on measured data delivered by the customer components of the system were modelled in SPICE. These models were required to work in time- as well as in frequency-domain. Therefore, an equivalent circuit model has been chosen.

After the system simulation was created and verified, series of automated calculations with different initial values has been conducted. This has been done based on the software Scilab, which has been used for automated creation of figures as well.

In a final step a detailed report has been created in which the results were summarized and interpreted.

However, for a future project it might be preferrable to create a Python script as an automation tool. This is a more sophisticated and flexible approach.

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