The BEAPLAS GmbH has a competence in RF-, Microwave-, DC-, arbitrary-, and bipolar power supplies suitable for different applications. For example, these supplies can be used in the areas of:

  • Plasma-Generation
  • Vacuum-Equipment
  • Dielectric Heating
  • Plasma Lamps
  • Vacuum-Tubes

As a complement to a growing assortment the supplies will be developed and manufactured in accordance to customers needs.
Larger devices or projects can be realized in coopertion with our partner.

Smart Topolgies

The right converter topology for every application. Special applications require special solutions, so it is important to make a smart choice of supply topology.
At BEAPLAS we have a wide range of expertise from different areas of electrical engineering.
In addition to the common topologies for supplies, we can therefore also implement smart combinations of different approaches.
Such combinations can be advantageous, especially in the area of ​​high-voltage supplies or supplies for tubes. This applies in particular if not only a pure supply with a static voltage is to be implemented. For some requirements it is necessary to deviate from the usual solutions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution fitting your demands.

Application Examples

Feel free to explore some examples for our work in the following articles.

Supply for Drift-Tubes

In cooperation with our partner Aurion Anlagentechnik GmbH, BEAPLAS is currently developing a power supply for drift tubes.Several individual voltages between 0 and 1000 volts are required, which are to be controlled with analogue signals. A quick response to the control signals is crucial. The supply itself is at high…
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RF-Generator “RSG”

The RF-Generator “RSG” belongs to a series of modern high-frequency power supplies, which has the capability to operate freely in certain frequency range. It is self resonating and thus, finds it’s optimum frequency automatically.
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