Trigger- and Data-Acquisition-Plattform

As a sub-contractor of Aurion Anlagentechnik GmbH, BEAPLAS has developed an electronic plattform tailored to customers requirements.The purpose of this Trigger- and Data-Acquisition-Plattform is the management and hand-over of fast trigger-signals. These triggers are created by the customers system and are transferred over fibre- or coaxial-cables. Complementing the system with digitizers cablable of 16bit resolution, it is possible to measure analog values synchroneous or asynchroneous with a trigger event.The following list summarized the features: Combination of FPGA and MCU Industrial communication interface (Anybus, e.g. ProfiNet) Several sources for triggers Several outputs for triggers I/O-delay of less than 100 ns Four external and four internal analog inputs with 16bit resolution Selectable analog and digital routing of measured values The customer uses… Read More